The University of Ancient Wisdom is a new branch of transcendental knowledge, destined to help define the task of every human being on Earth, to learn to work together, cooperate and enlighten one another. As well as to strengthen our effort to protect our sacred cosmic mother and develop the ability to face the negative circumstances that modern society presents, with a positive and responsible attitude.

The foundation of this branch of education is that we are all children of Mother Earth, that no one is superior to anyone else, and the only one who deserves everyone’s attention is the one who generated our existence and continues to protect it through universal strength.

Ancient Wisdom is the legacy of all native cultures around the world, represented all over the planet by amazing contributions from their ancient cultures, from the sacred India to southern Chile, the Mapuches, Guaranis and our brothers and sisters from the Sierra Nevada.

The University of Ancient Wisdom allows everyone who walks in this direction to share their message for the benefit of humanity.