Proceeding Methodology and University of Ancient Wisdom Manifesto.

The need to rescue the valuable treasures that ancient knowledge possesses for the world and which have been set aside by prevailing western european traditions, has motivated the founding of this non-profit organization, which also represents a platform for the ancient communities of the planet to share their knowledge. It’s a place intended for the preservation of the traditional oral transmission of knowledge, by letting elders speak freely without judging or contradicting their teachings. The common plan between the UOAW and the elders is to strengthen the awareness and responsibility of protecting Mother Earth.

Being in the Sierra Nevada, recognized by our native brothers and sisters as the heart of Earth, we ask for the mercy of the divinity Kaku Serankua and Ati Séinekun, who are the masculine and feminine forces of the divine supreme power, also known as Radha Govinda in Indian culture, Baba and Nana in Abya Kuna culture, Tasoretsi Ipaksi in Ashaninka culture, Pachamama and Pachacamac in Inca culture, etc.

We call on all ancient communities to receive this space as their own, as their home; and share their knowledge with the rest of humanity.

Lines of action

UOAW promotes researchers of all forms of knowledge and wisdom that increase the protection of Mother Earth, love and understanding amongst communities, respect for nature, and that avoid causing pain to other living entities.

To avoid measuring the value of ancient wisdom, important in itself, the UOAW does not take responsibility for the authenticity of all publications; however it can support comparative studies and promote courses led directly by elders.

The foundation aims to explore methodologies discovered by naturalist approaches and the protection of Mother Earth, such as sustainable agriculture systems. In addition, it aims to promote ancient art forms such as the production of clothing and sustainable and artisanal construction, achieving an alternative to unsustainable industrial production.

In addition it promotes systems of protection and regulation regarding the use of water and the administration of aquifers, understanding their fundamental role in the survival of the future generations that Mother Earth will sustain.

We strive to open a space of academic cooperation where everyone is invited to contribute to the UOAW library, we accept all useful material for the expansion of ancient wisdom. The administration and the faculty will evaluate whether or not the material is compatible with the values that the university intends to transmit, and consider an adequate space for its use.

The UOAW promotes learning opportunities in its faculty members’ native territories, forests, mountains, and other parts of the planet, being as the environment is where knowledge is born and the most suitable space for teaching and learning.

As a member of IKWASHENDWNA, the UOAW supports the efforts of different initiatives committed to a reality where love prevails and obedience to natural law and the promotion of spiritual truths are always at the disposal of those who do not conform to materialistic definitions.

UOAW recognizes that only with humility and the spirit of service to others can the treasures of the true wisdom that exists on this planet, be preserved. Its members ask for enlightenment to make this project an instrument of love, and that both teachers and students always maintain a spirit of humility and service to knowledge.

Ancient wisdom and true knowledge is not something to commercialize. For this reason, the UOAW is dependent on donations and the voluntary support of its participants. The proposed contributions are based on the costs of maintaining this house of wisdom open, understanding that in addition to the material resources for courses, human resources are also necessary. To maintain a peaceful atmosphere, our intention is to receive contributions as donations rather than registration fees; which will facilitate the maintenance of this space of knowledge for present and future students who lack funds for their participation.

The foundation expresses respect for all types of faith that don’t seek to harm the human being. In this sense, UOAW subscribes to the pedagogy of FAITH EDUCATION and Perennial Psychology to approach all forms of contribution and participation in an impartial and unprejudiced way.

UOAW affirms that true ancient wisdom is based on its endurance over time, rather than the accumulation of titles and prizes. While it’s true that western materialistic science has provided useful theories to understand the dynamics of nature, it’s not the only area that can be considered knowledge. For this reason, the accumulation of titles and awards does not always translate into wisdom.

The wisdom of our elders, the outstanding teachers of the UOAW, is part of a traditional practice that has been organically perpetuated within their communities in connection with Mother Earth for thousands of years. It’s this harmony that sustains their knowledge and allows them to train students as Nature-agents or guardians of Mother Earth. This process will remain accurate as long as the students’ motivation is to care for the Earth, her elements and the beings that inhabit her in a harmonious way.

Due to the influence of western education, the UOAW recognizes that there’s a mental colonization process which blurs the human character of goodness, generating the causes of violence and exploitation of people, animals, rivers and other living entities, in other words, against Mother Earth herself. Thus, the UOAW is committed to help interested parties find the true path of a good child of Mother Earth without condemning anyone, because all the difficulties represent tests that the planet had to overcome in her becoming.

UOAW intends to influence the world with love, justice, gratitude and compassion, either from a virtual platform or a physical space, such as the facilities in Bonda, Santa Marta, which are just the beginning the places from which we will spread the proposal of the World Conscious Pact: be conscious and act with love.

UOAW thanks all the elders of humanity who have preserved wisdom to this day, trusting that love is the most important part of existence. If there is something better and something inferior, the UOAW will aim to preserve everyone’s best and learn from the mistakes humanity has made.

Based on our ethical framework, UOAW promotes an environment free from the consumption of substances that intoxicate the body. However, it is understood that certain substances are medicinal for some traditions, therefore certain practices require the accompaniment of an experienced elder under the appropriate ritual treatment.

The soul seeks to maintain this house of wisdom free of people who engage in heavy intoxication, because the learning process promotes internal and external cleaning, and unnecessary consumption is detrimental to the student’s abilities.