Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti

He began his educational path after reading Lao Tse, seeking real knowledge worthy of being studied. He taught himself Buddhism with books and learned yoga by visiting different teachers until he found his spiritual master, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. At which point he decided to prepare himself to become a monk, which led him to learn about the wonderful world of spirituality accessible to those who follow the Vedas. There he was able to study the Bhakti Sastri, an education based on the sacred scriptures of the Vedas for students one who want to be servants of truth.

His spiritual master sent him to South America in 1976 where he participated in the founding of Eco Yoga Villages as a study centers for the Vedas. He began to learn about the psychology of Viktor Frankl, logotherapy, along with which he developed a branch of yoga that can be practiced by all and goes well beyond the physical exercises that are presented in most of the world’s yoga schools today, taking into account that the Vedas describe yoga as the key to unite oneself with God and find self-realization. Based on these principles, he developed the Yoga Inbound system and managed the development of the educational centers.

He participated in the founding of the Spoon Revolution movement which promotes consumption alternatives beneficial for Mother Earth and all the entities that inhabit her. This movement contributes to increasing humanity’s compassion, requiring conscious people who can ally themselves with a common goal to raise awareness about the suffering of animals caused by the food industry.

He completed his research in general Perennial Psychology or OIDA therapy to continue work with OIDA Veda. OIDA Veda therapy is similar to OIDA therapy, it’s simply practiced within the framework of a particular tradition, between a teacher and his path, remaining open to others who want to explore and help heal through their different mystical traditions.

He’s the co-founder of the World Vaishnava Association – WVA, created to unite the great teachers from other branches of the school in which he was initiated by his spiritual master. In regards, Swami says: “… that was a beautiful experience, because I could be so close to beautiful souls with so much love, very realized, always traveling to visit all the centers that were being developed to educate people everywhere.”

He also participated in the foundation of a movement to protect Mother Earth and the beings that inhabit her, called the World Conscious Pact (2012). It’s a call for the Rights of Nature to be adequately defended and represented in the local laws of each country, in international treaties, as well as in agreements and covenants.

Later he was invited to the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia where he met the son of Mamo Palia, Lwntana Nacoggi who was presenting Ikwashendwna, a message of awakening and union among guardians of Mother Earth. During the meeting Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti enthusiastically presented the World Conscious Pact, it was well received and suitable to unite efforts with the proposal of the Mamos. These projects were also presented at the Kumbha Mela 2013 in India to different associations working together serve humanity, such as Ganga Action Parivar.

Upon his return to Colombia, he founded an educational project called the University of Ancient Wisdom. “With the blessing of my friends, which I have found during all these years, I began the project in complete opposition, or to put it mildly, to present true achievements and benefits of the planet, fruits of the tree of love, of science, of the benefit of all. We established a new center of transcendental and material knowledge that can help humanity define the task of love for each human being on Earth, and ways to work, cooperate, enlighten one another, and simultaneously strengthen our mission to care and protect our sacred cosmic mother manifested in the rivers, forests, seas, in the biodiversity of our planet with a healthy, honest, humble, equal treatment for all, to be a brother or sister to all beings who live here on Earth. “

“Ancient wisdom is the blessing from our ancestors who loved us all and who wanted to heal and guide us toward suitable conduct here on the planet. In India this is called Dharma and for native cultures it’s called tradition. Call it as you wish, the fruit of the tree has to be joy, gratitude, compassion, care and the ability to face modern society with its harmful methods, understanding their mistakes in order not to commit the same ones. “

“It’s a particular time in the modern world in which we cannot avoid realizing that there are many new tasks to be accomplished. But one thing is certain and that’s the foundation of this new branch of education that I want to offer to all my brothers and sisters around the world, that no one is superior to the other. The only one who deserves all our the attention is the one who generated our existence and who continues to guard and protect it through universal strength, through the cosmos, through sacred Mother Nature, Ati Zeynekun or Kaku Serankua, the sun, the power, the gift of consciousness that the Lord put into our hearts. All this is irrevocable fact. The University of Ancient Wisdom respects all those who walk in this direction and allows them to share their message to be studied by those who seek these illuminations that can be found everywhere along with their other ancient contributions, providing us medicine from sacred India to the South of Chile “.