Ancient Wisdom Newsletter #15

We recognize that all nature (elements, minerals, animals, plants, jungles, rivers, mountains, humans, planets, stars, as well as the invisible) are not resources, they’re our family, which is why it’s fundamental to live together in harmony.

Principles of LIfe
United Nations of the Spirit

Guide to UOAW Study Topics

This document is a guide to study ancient wisdom in largely general terms, understood as that which has been accepted by the elders. It contains practical examples of topics of study and research within the greater area of ancient wisdom.


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Special invitation to the first international meeting of UOAW

The University of Ancestral Wisdom is expanding, more and more volunteers are joining this educational project in the process of growth and thanks to this the need has arisen for a meeting in which all collaborators can communicate, co-create and understand the vision and mission of the UOAW.

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Offering from the Elders for an Education in Ancient Wisdom

Seeds of Mother Earth, is a non-profit project that seeks to serve the purpose of the Sages, to offer organic seeds or humble and sincere words, to germinate in the hearts of present and future generations, and help mitigate the suffering and chaos caused to Nature by our ignorance.

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OIDA Perennial Psychology in Ecuadorian Universities

The founder of the University of Ancient Wisdom was invited on April 23 by the rector Miguel Camino to give an educational conference at the Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manabí University (ULEAM) in Manta, Ecuador called “Life projects”.

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Next events

Colombia – Bogotá

13. May: Course Introduction Children of Mother Earth


Colombia – Sierra Nevada

12. May: Course Introduction to Permaculture

9.-11. June: Workshop of Yoga

Perú – La Chakana

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Chile – Catemu

5. May: Circle of women “Guardians of the Earth”
12. May: Mosaic Workshop
19. May: Nutrition Workshop

Marichiweu Song

Offering to the Mapuche tribes and the United Nationes of the Spirit

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United Nations of the Spirit Magazine

We are happy and honored to present this magazine, which aims to explain what is, or better said who are, the United Nations of the Spirit; when and where this sacred unity in diversity was founded and what are the key messages of the founders of the UNS to all people of this world – the 7 Agreements of the UNS and the 9 Principles of Life.

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