How to Study Online

How are courses taken?

  • Through an educational virtual platform
  • The lessons, questionnaires and exercises are available on the virtual platform and students will have access to them at their own convenience.
  • The courses include forums where students can participate freely.
  • Students will be able to contact teachers through e-mail for academic and / or administrative consultations and to establish connections.
  • Certain courses are be completely or partially developed via skype.
  • The students will be able to schedule appointments via skype with the teacher.
  • The registration date for the virtual courses have no closing date.

How can I register?

Upon entering our platform:

  1. You can create an account with a username and password
  2. Registration will be confirmed by email. (If you do not receive any confirmation, send us an email using the address at the bottom of this page).
  3. Then, the platform will enable a list of available courses with the option to enroll in your preferred course.
  4. If accepted to the course, you will receive e-mail with a description, timeline and schedule.                

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The platform will enable a list of available courses with the option to register in the your preferred course.

                         How much does it cost?                          

The University of Ancient Wisdom (UOAW) is a non-profit project. Its objective is the protection and diffusion of native wisdom from all over the planet. The University allows everyone who walks in this direction to share their message for the benefit of humanity. Its autonomous and does not respond to the restrictions or academic structures established by governments.

Our courses do not have an established monetary cost, with the exception of classroom courses, which require a contribution for food, hospitality, research material, tools, student transportation, teachers, and the organization of courses and scholarships.

When a student has accumulated the required credits and submitted his or her course work to obtain a certificate, they will be asked to contribute proportionally to the administrative costs of the course.

In the case that someone needs a sponsor for graduation, they can contact their respective teacher or the UOAW office.

We also understand that an important part of personal education is to express appreciation for what one receives, for this reason we also encourage and ask for collaboration through donations from those who can and would like to help maintain this project.

Read more in Frequently Asked Questions.

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