formation of guardians in the wisdom of mother earth

Become a Volunteer at the service of the Ancestral Wisdom.
“Service is also an elevated form of spirituality, because it motivates us to become humble.”

Main objective:
Train Volunteer leaders as aspirants to Guardians of Mother Earth and the United Nations of the Spirit.

Specific objectives:
1. Recognize a comprehensive vision of service to nature and ancestral wisdom
2. Learn to cultivate the values ​​of the origin of the human being

Pedagogical route.

Pilgrimage to the Sacred Hills (ancestral classrooms) Sessions or Meeting: 4

Sundays of the Month of April, 7, 14, 21, 28
Duration: 4 classroom hours per meeting.

Encounter 1: Listen to Nature as a Teacher
Place: Cerro Nutivara
Theme: The Origin
date: April 7

Encounter 2: Reencounter with tradition
Place: Cerro Volador
Topic: Interferences
date: April 14

Encounter 3: Protect the Mother
Place: Cerro Picacho
Topic: Healing
date: April 21

Encounter 4: Purpose of Being
Place: Cerro Pan de Azúcar
Topic: Protection-commitment
date: April 28

This Course will be developed in some of the Tutelary Hills that are located in Medellin.
Contribution: 108 thousand pesos
Reports and Registration: 3107222919

Organize and Invite:

University of Ancient Wisdom, Valley of the Sun Headquarters, Medellin.
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