Bioconstruction Workshop

“Join the UOAW Bioconstruction workshops and learn to utilize natural materials with ancient techniques”.

Bioconstruction is the only science that emphasizes its content and practice on carrying out common objective with an extensive repertoire of fields such as, sustainable technology, ecology, bioclimatic architecture, public health, urban planning and general construction. It’s the new way to coexist in harmony with the environment and territories.


  • Prevent health and environment issues related to toxic construction materials with a devastating environmental footprint.
  • Adopt measures for social and environmental balance between the origin and the destination of construction materials.
  • Apply energy efficiency and conservation measures.
  • Integrate efficient green energy and waste management systems.

Bio (Vida) – Construction :  Construction Life

Bioconstruction is to design, build and interact with consciousness and respect, with Mother Nature, a territory, a community, their strengths and their leaders. Upon establishing that connection of respect and humility, health, consciousness and understanding, one also bioconstructs a complementary relationship.

We invite you to bioconstruct in this mystical place, a sacred territory, which integrates the natural harmony of the forest and the mountains with ancient construction techniques with guadua, bahareque, mud, straw, stone and palm leaves.

This workshop is open to everyone who wants to live in harmony and have contact with our Mother Earth. It’s an technical learning experience in sustainable construction, based on the profound thought process of First Nations, which are centered around respect, love and life in community with the environment.

This theoretical and practical experience integrates bioconstruction techniques, activities to recognize oneself, the territory and their ancestral leaders. We will approach the practice of yoga, meditation and ceremonies in a learning environment filled with joy and consciousness.

Admission and Attitudes

* Anyone with or without previous knowledge that wants to broaden their experience  with bioconstruction, respecting the natural and unique balance of each territory.

* Professionals in architecture, construction, engineering,  and permaculture who want to complement their learning experience.


Luis Hernandez
Ivan Herrera
Lucas García
Amin Acosta 


The participants who have completed the modules will receive a UOAW certificate, recognizing their study of the approached topics.

Registration and questions
Via whatsapp:
University of Ancient Wisdom (UOAW):: +57 323 387 85 71
TIERRALAB Sustainable Cities Lab +57 310 361 37 19


1st Workshop
January 19th, 20st, and 21st
Camping or hammock: $220.000 COP
Shared bedroom in cabin: $270.000 COP (limited spaces)
2nd Workshop
January 26th, 26th and 28th
Camping or hammock: $220.000 COP
Shared bedroom in cabin: $270.000 COP (limited spaces)
January 22nd to 25th
Camping or hammock: $40.000 COP diario
Shared bedroom in cabin: $60.000 COP diario (limited spaces)

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Savings Account
Bank BBVA Colombia
Fundacion Sabiduria Ancestral (Ancient Wisdom Foundation)
Account number: 00130620000200299867
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– Transportation to and from Santa Marta

– Vegetarian or Vegan meals

– Two refreshments daily

– Stay

– All workshops and activities