Bioconstruction and Agroecology course in Chile

On August 2nd the University of Ancient Wisdom (UOAW) team in Arica, Chile awarded Diplumas (certificates of recognition) to students who completed the Introduction to Bioconstruction and Agro-ecology course at the UOAW branch in Arica, located amidst the the renowned Lluta Valley.

After completing the course, students committed to becoming guardians and promoters of the rights of Mother Earth, commemorating their new participation in the University Ancient Wisdom.

Mónica Ávila supports the traveling UOAW team. During the course, she gave an introductory lecture about meaning behind the University of Ancient Wisdom’s mission and spoke about the activities that have been carried out in different departments and countries over the course of the past few months. She emphasized how each active UOAW regional team is an integral part of this step by step process.

Francisco Salvo is a representative and teacher from UOAW Arica. He led participants on a “recognition of the territory”, explaining the various activities that are developed within the area. The activities primarily consist of promoting holistic wellness and harmony with nature through gardening, agriculture, natural therapies and environmental initiatives. He concluded by explaining the principles and practices of a lifestyle favorable to the welfare of all living beings, emphasizing the importance of vegetarianism and energy conservation.

Jorge Aguilar and Montserrat Rearte of Antofagasta University led motivational activities for the group. Their focus was to foster a connection between participants and the land through “word circles”, “environmental bio-maps” and meditation along the river.

Instructors Daniel Esmite, Gonzalo Amstein and Óscar Sepúlveda led a team in the eco-friendly construction of structures and floors. Instructors Jaime Salvo and Charly Herrera led a team in lightweight roofs and walls. The course instructors generously shared their knowledge with participants, explaining how to create eco-friendly bathrooms with stucco and how to mix organic material depending on specific structures. Participants also had the opportunity to listen to a variety of lectures about permaculture, eco-friendly homes, alternative agriculture, economics and solidarity, Ayurvedic medicine and eco-psychology.

The University of Ancient Wisdom is grateful to have begun sowing a new seed with the chilean community, expanding awareness in the hearts of all the course participants and uniting in a call to protect the territory.