Kiva Kumbha Mela – Union in Diversity

For the first time in history, the sacred KIVA ceremony was held as part of the Kumbha Mela, the only millennial gathering that brings together millions of people around the sacred rivers in the Triveni Sangam, where the three holy rivers meet.

On this occasion more than 35 elders from all over Abya Yala and Europe traveled to India to make a KIVA, a circle in the earth that represents the temple of the heart of Mother Earth and the place of ceremony of the traditions and cultures of the continent of Abya Yala, America.

Several representatives of the University of Ancestral Wisdom were present to learn from this great experience of the union in diversity of so many cultures and wisdom.

During 4 days the sacred fire was kept burning and twice a day all the participants in the Kiva gathered to share the prayers and songs of the grandmothers and grandfathers, each in their language and according to their traditions, using different ceremonial costumes and instruments. .

The song of each one was represented in a unique way and at the same time in harmony with all the sounds of each offering.

During the prayer the essence in common was perceived when approaching the alters of each direction and to the central fire, likewise the respect and love that radiate when delivering their prayers to the fire.

Seeing and feeling this union in diversity of all the children of Mother Earth touched the heart of each participant, because those who are not direct representatives of an ancestral community could also be part of this great prayer. This was the prayer from all who feel part of the United Nations of the Spirit.


The purpose of this meeting was also to pray for the protection of the rivers and for that each one brought water from their territories and united them, at the same time from the sky some drops of rain fell and joined.
The first two days the sky was also celebrating with thunderstorm and thunder this powerful union of the peoples.

The Pachamama and her children were celebrating!