UOAW Aconcagua

A New Look for UOAW Aconcagua;

This University of Ancient Wisdom branch which blossomed in the beautiful town of Catemu (Aconcagua Valley, Valparaiso, Chile), changes its image and name to honor the majestic Apu or mountain, which protects and sustains us according to local cosmology.

Aconcagua, interpreted in Quechua as “Stone Guard” – Ackon (stone) and Cahuak (guard), is the name given to the highest mountain in the Andes (6,962 meters high) and the world, after the Himalayan mountains. There’s a stream with the same name flowing from its western slopes into the pacific ocean. The entire valley of fertile lands where Valparaiso and Catemu are located is also called Aconcagua.

The open air classrooms of this wonderful UOAW branch are waiting for you, a space dedicated to the service and sharing of ancient wisdom.