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The University of Ancestral Wisdom is the space to share the legacy of all the native cultures of the world that can be found all over the planet, it is the space where you can appreciate the manifestation of Divinity in all cultures.

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The University of Ancestral Wisdom is multipurpose, among the objectives of UOAW are:

  • Strengthen friendly relations among the world’s native peoples.
  • Provide a platform for sharing true knowledge for truth seekers.
  • Offer an alternative to conventional education that teaches for exploitation, for an education that teaches to serve others.
  • Claim the position of the spiritual leaders of the world’s native people by providing a platform where they can be heard.
  • Create a paradigm of education for the conservation of the human species and the mother of all life.

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To all persons desiring to serve the world with the ancestral wisdom that we have obtained. To ancestral people who wish to know more about the dangers of modern society and the advantages they can derive from constructive technologies.

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The University is composed of four Faculties that are: Sacred Art, Mother Earth, Original Tribes and Ancestral Healing. Each Faculty offers different careers and within the careers it is possible to take individual courses.

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All people who are interested in sharing some knowledge that promotes values ​​of respect to Mother Earth are welcome to be part of this project. However, in order to guarantee the quality of the programs we offer, teachers must comply with an admission process consisting of the following:

  1. Sending personal data through the form.
  2. Interview via Skype with the Academic Coordinator
  3. Presentation of the course proposal in Syllabo format.
  4. Once the course has been approved by the Academic Council, you will be asked to send: a photograph Video presentation of the course (max 3 minutes) File format

The UOAW will contact you if your material is accepted to be part of the curriculum.

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Send in advance the publicity of the course in order that it be published in the page of the University and our social networks.

In advertising there should be information such as:

Name of course, instructor (with review)


Have the appropriate infrastructure to dictate the courses, such as:

Sound system

Audiovisual system

HD camcorder with tripod to record the course

Information table

Have UOAW information available

Take the database of attendees and send it to udsa@sabiduriaancestral.org. The following format should be used.


In addition to provide a platform to share knowledge, UOAW seeks to protect and preserve ancient wisdom for many people to have access to it, so it is very important to disseminate the memories of the courses that are promoted through UOAW.

If a video was recorded during the conference (s), we thank you for sharing it with

Udsa@sabiduriaancestral.org through wetransfer. There our team will edit the material and make it available through our youtube channel.


If the course generated a certification of attendance, it should include the UOAW logo in its design, and the list of participants should be sent to the UOAW database. At a minimum, the certification feather must be delivered.

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You can participate as a volunteer in our Development Departments that are:

Academic Department: It is in charge to realize the curricular structure of the programs that are offered, to coordinate everything related to the academic production as investigation, publications, etc. To this department belong all the teachers of UOAW.

Department of Communications: It is responsible for safeguarding all information produced in UOAW and guarantee its availability, as well as facilitate communications to the interior and exterior of the UOAW.

This department involves designers, audiovisual editors, secretaries, translators, proofreaders, web masters.

Administrative Department: It is responsible for maintaining transparency in the administration of resources that enter or leave UOAW, it is made up of a legal, accounting and financial area.

In this department there are vacancies for administrators, accountants, financiers, lawyers.

Department of Infrastructure: This department is in charge of having the availability of areas for the chairs in the main centers as in the regional extensions.

It is also in charge of directing the master plan of new constructions and their maintenance. It has a logistics area that provides the tools for the pedagogical exercise such as audio-visual equipment, among others.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”How to connect organizations with same purposes?” tab_id=”1477427184665-6e764a17-4fb7″][vc_column_text]Educational organizations or organizations with purposes consistent with UOAW purposes may.

Belong to the UDSA Extension Network through the following procedure:

  1. Organization of chaski fest
  1. Invitations from teachers of the UOAW to other spaces of other educational institutions.
  1. Cultural ambassadors of the UOAW deliver lectures in any space.

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You can request your qualification as an International Representative UOAW, communicating to the mail: administrative@sabiduriaancestral.org

Once you receive training, we will send you the material with which you can present the UOAW to different entities and manage resources to support our activities.

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To guarantee the transparency of the operations of the UOAW, the Ancestral Wisdom Foundation has been created with registration in the Chamber of Commerce of Barranquilla – Colombia and identified with the NIT:

The donations reach the savings account that exists in the name of the foundation.

To send donations in Euros:

Beneficiary Bank: BBVA Colombia

Swift: gerocobb

Bank intermediary: BBVA Madrid

Swift: bbvaesmm

Beneficiary: Fundación Sabiduria Ancestral

Account Number: 00130620070200299867

* Note: For Colombia the iban code is the same 20 digit account number.

To send donations in Dollars:

Beneficiary Bank: BBVA Colombia

Swift: gerocobb

Intermediary bank: Citibank na n.y.

Swift: citius33

Beneficiary: Fundación Sabiduria Ancestral

Account Number: 00130620070200299867

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Is UOAW officially registered?” tab_id=”1477428145012-9a3dc6ff-d989″][vc_column_text]

No. UOAW is an educational organization established by its founders to collect, preserve and share ancestral knowledge both face-to-face and virtually. The organization was registered as an ancestral wisdom foundation and made several agreements with universities such as the University of Peace of Unesco and the Ibero-American University of Panama.

At the moment it counts on four venues to dictate attending courses: two in Colombia, Peru and Chile.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][/vc_tta_accordion][/vc_column][/vc_row]