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The University of Ancestral Wisdom – UOAW – is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization that seeks to protect, encourage and restore the wisdom of native peoples throughout the world.

The construction of the elders house will take place inside a donated land of 6 hectares, which is inside Dwanama (Bonda, Santa Marta), sacred territory Tayrona (original town of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia), this place is the main headquarters and foundation of this important project called UOAW. The house of the elders will provide shelter, health and well-being to scholars, students, practitioners, volunteers and visitors from all over the world during their stay, while sharing and keeping alive the knowledge that our Mother Earth has inherited for us.

A unique design, because the challenge is immense, for our ancestors the nature and the temples were their universities, we seek to rescue this, uniting each branch of sacred art, the spirituality of Mother Earth, the governance of the first nations and the wisdom of the ancestral healing The design is based on sacred geometry and in harmony with the environment. The place will consist of 2 multipurpose levels, the ground floor will operate rooms, while the upper floor will be an activity and conference room. In addition to 2 ecological bathrooms, kitchen, gardens and common study spaces.

Currently there is an old cabin that will be the place where we will begin construction, under the advice of experts, integrating respectfully to the harmony of the environment, using healthy and biocompatible materials with the ecosystem; like bamboo structure, clee walls, straw and palm roofs. Everything under a plan of optimization of resources, energy saving, furniture of low impact and ecological baths that guarantee an early decomposition and reincorporation of waste to the earth.

By protecting wisdom and ancestral culture, the natural identity of each territory is protected. That which is diminished day by day by the artificial identity that the media, flags, social status, markets, fashions, etc. give us. Nature gives life to each being, in a given space, at a specific moment and under certain conditions so that this being serves in different ways to a universal purpose. Wisdom reconnects us with that essence, with that natural and original duty of each individual, and makes us, gradually abandon the imposed custom of submitting and suffering.
We want to consciously complement the productive educational, industrial, technical and technological programs taught by the modern educational industry, with what society feels and suffers, the natural need to develop a spiritual knowledge, conscious and true values ​​that form beings that guide us towards union and universal harmony over economic interests. Considering the above, the UOAW seeks, through all means, the rescue and dissemination of our transcendental heritage and extremely abundant skills developed by thousands of years for each people.

Your support:
To achieve this goal, we are deeply and seriously asking for your commitment, it is essential to count on your contribution as a conscious individual, also of organizations and sectors interested in continuing to project this initiative towards a massive purpose, with a professional and autonomous design.

This work, and all that the University of the Ancient Wisdom does, is an offering to the United Nations of the Spirit in support of the agreement signed in 2015 between ancestral peoples around the world, which represents the law of origin and seeks to restore the relationship of the human being with nature. – www.unitednationsofthespirit.org

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«Be part of the solution to the challenges we face, learning from the Ancient Wisdom will give us the key how to do it!»