Mamo Lorenzo Seuny, spiritual leader of the Arhuaco community and the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.

From a spiritual standpoint, Mamo Lorenzo was named Samunpawiun (Liberator of the Earth) in the “Maruneywiun” plaza located in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta (Cesar), Colombia.

His mission, given to him on January 20th, 1992, was to strengthen 115 native communities in Colombia. The primary objective since then has been “Unify Trust”, in order to unify the priorities of each territory from a self-governing perspective. To accomplish this task, Mamo Lorenzo found it necessary to reestablish the Elders Council, so they cold begin to retrace the spiritual medicine route (“eysa’riunhawi”). Later on, he was granted the duty of caring of the navel of the Earth’s womb, located in Bakatá, Bogotá, Colombia!