Ancient Wisdom is the balance between the beauty and harmony or our origin, which resolves existential questions returning us to our original identity.

Ancient learning differs from modern learning. Wisdom encompasses artistic disciplines that relate to one another, to provide the student with a learning experience that comes directly from the truth, and allows them to understand their practice and their own realization. The UOAW’s academic model is based on the chakana, an ancient symbol that explains the four departments: Sacred Art, Mother Earth, First Nations and Ancient Healing. Each department has four different concentrations which we call Paths.

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Every culture according to their tradition, can offer courses in arts or disciplines that that identify with or that they want to share from their ancient wisdom, therefore, one form of art can possess numerous courses based on different ancient cultures.


Certification for classroom workshops:

You can obtain recognition for participating in workshops offered by the UOAW.

Certification for online courses:

You can obtain recognition for participating in virtual courses offered by the UOAW.

Certification for Path:

Through the successful completion of all the course credits making up the Path, you can receive the Feather of Honor certification.

“Guardian” Certification:

The “Guardian” title is acquired after having dug deeper into the Path.

“Guardian of Guardians Certification”

The “Guardian of Guardians” title is received after obtaining a master’s degree.