As an offering to the United Nations of the Spirit, the UOAW promotes the UNS principals and certificates among everyone who wants to make a commitment to care for Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

These declarations are for individuals as well as for initiatives, companies, projects, groups and communities who want to offer what they do to the United Nations of the Spirit.

This is a way to demonstrate our responsibility and weave a network of union. The possibilities of offerings are many, for example, as a representing activist,  a cultural ambassador, a guardian of territory, promoting a non-violent diet, being a UOAW sponsor, offering songs, poems and all types of art to the United Nations of the Spirit.

The Ikwashendwna passport, which is also an offering to the UNS, can be acquired on the UNS website, where you’ll be able to learn more about the benefits of being connected to a wide variety of conscious people, projects and establishments.

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