All those who want to become a volunteer for help in the work of the UDSA, our office can receive your Curriculum, the ideas that you have for improve the service send for us with appropriatedeadlines for do it.

Volunteers also have the opportunity to study taking courses at the appropriate time according to each service.

They can learn about the ancestral conscious feeding and healthy lifestyle of ancient cultures.

The Places that volunteering can be suported and organized are:

UDSA, office at:
santa marta Street 16.n 5-67 center.

The facility of UDSA, in:
minka, domo primaveral 

The facility of UDSA, in:
Bonda Vereda El Curval one kilometer off the park Tayrona.

Clinic Ayurveda and natural medicine in the Vedas:
Km 3 Via Paso del Mango, Vereda Masinga, Township of Bonda, Santa Marta – Magdalena. 10 minutes from Via Santa Marta to Riohacha

The shrine of Mother Earth in Totumo volcano.

If you feel inspired you can make volunteer service from home, attending the websites, in translation or with similar skills.

We also have our teachers and cultural ambassadors traveling to many places in the world to give lectures and organize courses.
To increase the number of volunteers in different places.
invite you to know our plans and programs and will see if any of our areas of service is for you.