Throughout the course of a tradition, cultures and their history have been transformed. This is how we, the Mhuysqas, have taken on new roles that respond to the behaviour of this new society. However, despite all this, our traditions and millennial knowledge have been camouflaged, protected and preserved in several guardians, waiting for this moment to live an eternal present, where our bodies and thoughts come together again as one with the territory, becoming a great compendium of memory and customs, where our sacred body is understood in the context of what surrounds it. Having been able to reach this moment of understanding leads us to propose actions based on our feelings. We have developed actions and inclusive proposals where we can see and think based on the interpretations of our culture’s elders. Those who come to this territory of delivery (ata ta) know about the message encrypted here, the great Golden, which marks a state of fulfilment and happiness, pointing out certain times of the year and specific places to live in harmony, thanks to what we understand as Mother (Hitcha), Father (Paba), and other guardian beings. Therefore, we propose a resignification of the territory based on the same management criteria that obeys a higher law, a law of origin ordered from creation. We will not superimpose human intentions and purposes that are not based on Mhuysqa cosmogony.

This project highlights a memory, invites us to walk through the territory, summons us to feel a vital part of everything that surrounds us, to become guardians and dream of a tomorrow where our future generations can live without the burden of an inheritance of older people who stayed in debt. We aim to think of proposals that protect this great treasure but that do not transgress an advancing civilization. We see our feelings reflected in the actions of communities from other latitudes, we share similar intentions, for example Japan, a leading country in technology, has still been able to grow while respecting and highlighting their sacred sites. Sacred sites and traditions continue to have importance and relevance in the lives of their citizens. In other parts of the European continent, under administrative, political and social strategies, humanity is protected, restored and made visible in those places that hold  a memory of tradition, which is not allowed to be forgotten.