The University of Ancient Wisdom is currently being supported by an excellent group of volunteers throughout the coastal region of Ecuador. The team is currently developing programs to raise awareness about environmental protection and First Nations communities. In addition, they’ve formed alliances with local initiatives such as La Troja Manaba and Fundación Armonía y Salud managed by Diego Mosquera Caballero and Erika Quintero Gomez. La Troja Manaba is an association that raises awareness about ancestral agricultural practices and the non-GMO agriculture. The UOAW volunteers in Ecuador also work closely with Doctor Miguel Caminos Solórzano, provost of Eloy Alfaro University of Manabí, Ecuador and his sister Cecilia Caminos Solórzano.

One of the leaders of the volunteer team is Carlos Quinto, representative of the cultural department at the University Eloy Alfaro. Carlos Quinto is a great promoter of conscious film and permaculture. Along with their colleagues from other organizations, the team has carried out several workshops that have brought together social leaders, activists, farmers and undergraduates around topics such as food sovereignty and seed preservation. The workshops offer participants practical experience in the development, maintenance and construction of a bio-garden. They also deepen their understanding of topics relating to permaculture, sustainability and social impact at a production and economic level.

Among others activities, volunteers have also participated in the environment month at Eloy Alfaro University alongside students, representatives and cultural ambassadors of First Nations. The group was recently visited by Angelica Mangon, reporter for the French magazine, Maison Ecologique, who is currently is developing a report on the changes taking place in Ecuador regarding a transition toward eco-friendly construction.

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